Frequently asked questions

Reservations and conditions

  • How do I book ?

You love one of our houses?!  In that case it is easy : you can either reserve directly on line or by telephoning to 01 84 83 04 00. By reserving at Pierres d’Histoire, we guaranty you the best price.

  • Is housekeeping included?

For a stay longer than a week, house cleaning is done every three days. However, if you wish for a daily one, the charge will be 25€/hour.

  • Is it possible to rent a single room?

Our houses can only be rented as a whole, we do not offer guestroom service. However, some houses are single room homes.

  • Why can’t I reserve one night?

The upkeep of the house rentals is very high so as to ensure a continuous high quality. This is the reason for our minimum two day stay policy.

  • Does the price include half-board?

No, the meals are not included in the service. The kitchens are fully equipped so as to enable you to cook your meals. However, if you do not wish to cook during your stay, we offer, in most of our houses, the services of a selected caterer from the region. Our caterers prepare everything themselves and work only with local products.

  • Are dogs welcomed? 

Yes, dogs are allowed in the houses. There is a fee of 20€ per animal.

  • What are your arrival and departure times?

The house is available as of 16h00 on the day of your arrival. Check-out time is 11h00 at the latest. On Sundays, you have the possibility of staying until 17h00.

  • In case of a problem during my stay, who do I contact?

There is no reception area at the Pierres d’Histoire houses. It is the house manager who will be your intermediary during your stay. She is at your disposal by phone in case of a problem or a question and will come by if necessary.

General sale conditions

  • Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation directly on line or by calling us at 01 84 83 04 00. Cancellation is free up to 30 days before your arrival date. After that date there will be a cancellation fee (see general terms and conditions).

  • Can I change my reservation?

If you wish to change your reservation please contact us at 01 84 84 04 00.

  • What are your different payment options?

You can reserve on line on our secure site with your credit card.

  • Do you require a deposit?

For all confirmed reservations we ask a deposit. A direct pre-authorisation debit of the security deposit will be asked for before arrival. This, however, will not be debited unless damages are noted.

  • When will it debited from my account?

A 30% down payment of your invoice will be debited upon reservation. The balance will be debited 5 days before your arrival.

  • Am I insured/responsible if I break something in the house?

If damage is noted in the house or on the furniture, all or part of the deposit will be debited in the 30 days following your departure.

House equipments

  • Are the Pierres d’Histoires houses furnished with a baby bed and high chair?

Yes, if requested, we provide a baby bed and a wooden high chair.

Do not hesitate to ask the house manager.

  • Do the Pierres d’Histoires houses have television?

Yes, every house has its own television as well as a WI-FI terminal and speakers.

  • Do the Pierres d’Histoires houses have electric outlets?

Yes, all the houses are equipped with European standard electrical installation and adapted to French machines. On the other hand, if you are travelling from a country other than France, be sure to come with adaptors.

  • Are the kitchens and bathrooms in accordance with modern standards?

 Yes, in every Pierres d’Histoire house, kitchens and  bathrooms are entirely built and furnished following a very precise bill of specifications meeting all the European standards and rules.

  • Is household linen provided?

Yes, in every house the bed and bathroom linen are provided.

  • Are the kitchens fully furnished?

 Yes, every Pierres d’Histoire kitchen is equipped with a stove, an oven and a refrigerator. There are also, numerous pots and pans and kitchen utensils.

  • Are the houses heated and air conditioned?

The houses are heated (radiators and fireplaces or stove) but not air-conditioned.

  • Is the wood for the fireplace or the wood-burner provided?

Yes, logs are provided if you wish to start the fireplace or the wood-burner.

  • Is there network coverage in Pierres d’Histoire houses?

The network coverage can vary. Some of the houses have excellent network coverage, while others could have a lower one.

  • Do the houses have a WI-FI terminal?

Yes, all the houses have a WI-FI terminal.

  • Are items such as toilet paper, soap, tea or coffee provided?

Yes, in every Pierres d’Histoire house you will find toilet paper as well as shampoo and shower gel. In the kitchens, dishwasher liquid, tea and coffee are also provided.

Specific whishes


  • Are all Pierres d’Histoire homes handicap friendly?

The houses are not accessible for people with disabilities o limited mobility because of their old architecture, steps or narrow staircases, doors not wide enough etc …

  • Are all Pierres d’Histoire homes child friendly?

Yes, most of the houses are adapted for children. They have a garden for them to run in. However, some of the houses, because of their closeness to water or to a river or to a stairway, are less adapted for smaller children. In case of an accident, Pierres d’Histoire declines any and all responsibility. For more information on what is available in the houses, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Can I get married in a Pierres d’Histoire house?

Of course! In Normandy, the Domaine de Ravenoville has been especially set up for weddings. For more information, click here on our wedding website page.

  • Can I organize a party in a Pierres d’Histoire house? 

No,  Pierres d’Histoire houses are not set up for private parties.

  • Do we have to clean the house before leaving?

A complete house cleaning will be done after your departure, but as a respect to the housecleaners, guests are asked to leave the house as they found it. Trash cans should be emptied and the dishwasher started.

  • Do we need a car during our stay?

Our houses are often situated in the country side, in quiet and peaceful areas. So as to get to our houses, to visit the area and to run some errands it is preferable to have a car.


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