About La Marcotte


The story begins in 1924, when following the Russian revolution and the exile of a noble Russian family, a little boy arrives to France. He gets to the village of Fleury-en-Bière where he will meet, a young French girl whom he marries some years later.

As a young man with a strong personality, de Fleury (his given name),  joins the free French Forces in London next to Générale de Gaulle.

After the war, he is named “Compagnon de la Libération”, an extremely rare distinction in those times, all the more so that he was not French.

Later he resides several times in Korea, works in Vienna, then in London, Algeria and finally in Paris.

In 1962, he and his wife buy La Marcotte, which at the time is nothing more than an old farm in ruins.

Restoration campaign

The restoration of the main buildings starts in May of 1962 . It takes three years of work for the La Marcotte to become habitable.  The estate includes, henceforth, the main house and a guest house so that everyone could have his own space. The old stable opened in such a way so as to “integrate” the garden in to the room, becomes the main living room.





Some small planning alterations continued till 1966 and the building site finally ended completely in 1971 with the installation of a swimming pool.

Inside, the slightly outdated charm of La Marcotte comes from the owners taste as collectors and antique lovers. An accumulation of travel souvenirs, as well as furniture and objects bought in auction houses gives an unmistakable Russian, Asian and Anglo-Saxon influence to the entity. Amongst this vast collection, a number of swans can be seen as well as some decorated eggs inspired from the famous Russian Fabergé eggs, trinkets that Madame particularly loved.

When Pierres d’Histoire took over the management of La Marcotte in 2017, the House was as it is displayed today but for one detail; half the objects have been removed, which goes to show just how full it was!

Apart from its refined decoration, it was and is still reputed for its immense garden. Many editorials where written at the time that can be read about in the archives of the library.

A lover of gardens, the owner re-appropriated this garden; a subtle mix of “à la française” topiary and “à l’anglaise” perennial shrubbery. There are very few flowers apart from those on the bushes and some potted plants on the terrace such as pink laurels, geraniums, and fuchsias that contrast with the austereness of the evergreens. The different plants create a wonderful palette of greens. Seasonal plants and flowers being limited, the garden never has, at any season, a desolate and empty look.

And as a reminder to the Russian origins of her husband, the owner brought a little bit of Russia to Ile de France by planting an alley of birch, the white birch being par excellence an emblem of Russia.

The atmosphere in this charming house seems to be stamped by the alchemy of two lovers mixing together their passions, complicities and tenderness; it is maybe, this, too, that makes la Marcotte so endearing.


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