Les Suites du Château de Fleury, Île de France

Only an hour’s drive from Paris and close to the pretty town of Fontainebleau and its famous Château, L’Ecurie, La Tour and La Vigie are three suites situated in the ramparts of the Château de Fleury-en-Bière. You are but a ‘click away’ from an enjoyable and unforgettable break away in either of these original and historical suites…


The stables revisited, with a touch of English country style !

2 people


« The Ecurie suite was amazing, and it will be one of our most memorable accommodations ever. The furnishings in the interior were all very luxurious, and the brick and stonework created a wonderful atmosphere, as did the grounds overall. While the place is somewhat far from civilization, it was ideal for us as we were visiting students at INSEAD who were renting an apartment at the other side of the Chateau.» 

La Tour

  Rich and regal, a suite fit for Kings and Queens !

2 people


«Delightful decor, comfortable and cosy, practically perfect in every way !  Will definitely come back for private trip » Nicholas & Sibylle

La Vigie

Be able to see without being seen, a bright and airy suite at dizzying heights !

2 people



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