There are  places in the world that seem familiar although we have never actually lived there. A detail, a furniture, an atmosphere, brings back a feeling of déjà-vu, a feel good feeling just like a madeleine de Proust. In these places, we immediately feel at home.

    In the Contentin peninsula, not far from the beaches of the 1944 landings, in the middle of a vast park, stands the majestic Domaine de Ravenoville, a XVII century architectural structure, with its historic Castle and communes : the dovecot, the manor and the pavilion.


    There is an indescribable douceur de vivre here. For your wedding, make the most of an idyllic setting in the countryside. The different areas put at your disposal are numerous: for instance imagine a cocktail under the shade of the chestnut tree on the terrace of the manor, a French style open-air café dinner or/and a country lunch on the shaded expansive lawns,  set up an orchestra in the ruins of the old castle or maybe organize a civil wedding ceremony  there ….

    To make these moments even more special, you can welcome your guests in some very prestigious houses.




      The 240 sq.m. tent with its transparent tarpaulin overlooking the park, can welcome up to 200 sitting down guests or 150 if you wish to have space for the dance floor.

      This is decorated in such a way so as to blend in with the architecture of the domain.




      For your cocktail or civil ceremony, the park and its different areas are perfect. Allow your imagination to ran away from you and create an event to your image.


      • The French gardens in front of the manor
      • The vast lawns and tree lined paths
      • The ruins of the old castle and its basin




      Adjoined to the reception area, the Maison Carrée disposes on the ground floor, of a cloakroom, a living room for the children, a fully equipped 25 sq.m. catering space for the caterer to use for the preparation of the meals.


      The rooms are divided between the four houses of the Domain. The Dovecot, the Manor and the Pavillion, together have 10 rooms allowing 20 people to sleep. The dormitory of the Maison Carrée allows for 15 extra persons, totaling the accommodation of 35 persons.