Le Moulin de Pézenas

Beautiful mill among the vines

Surrounded by immaculate nature, in the shade of century old sycamore trees, le Moulin de Pézenas watches at its feet l’Hérault river, running peacefully towards the Mediterranean Sea. Rich with a history dating back ten centuries- it was last used in 1918- it stands as a true witness to the regions’ history. On the list of the French Historical Monuments, this architectural masterwork was completely restored and put back on its feet in 2016 making it a haven in the midst of nature for stays with family and friends. Under the imposing five-sided structure and its centenary beams, the first floor disposes of a living room and three spacious rooms, each with a wonderful view of the neighboring vineyard and the tumultuous river. On the ground floor, there are two more rooms with their own private bathrooms. The living room on the same floor, benefits from a fantastic terrace overlooking the water. Inside, le Moulin has been designed as a big family house. However, every floor can be independent from the other floors. In this imposing house, decorated with elegance, the simple lines mingle with the patina of old materials. The original furniture, the flea market trinkets and the contemporary furniture work together to create a comfortable room. Every window offers an exceptional view. With such green nature, you will find a discreet haven for an unusual stay with your family. An unusual address for an unforgettable stay, this wild countryside shelters extraordinary fauna and flora: relax in the garden, like a balcony perched over the river where pink laurels, fig trees, Aleppo pine trees and sycamores abound. Swim in the river, a natural swimming pool, carefree. With music of the water and the beauty of the nature, time here is on hold, this is where you just let go.

  • Nombrer of persons
    • 10 peoples
  • Area
    • 240 m²
  • Price
    • From 480€ per night 2 night minumum
  • More product
  • Environment & Exterior
    • Garden
  • Configuration
    • 2 or 5 double bedrooms
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  • Location
  • Services included
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Outside our walls

You think you might arrive late to Pezenas? Start your vacation relaxed, by booking a table for dinner at Chez Paul, a mere ten-minute car drive from your house to the town center. You need a bread shop that is open after 7:00 p.m. or for breakfast the following morning for your croissants? Head for Lallemand, rue de Verdun. Need to do grocery shopping? You can get all you need at the Pézenas market on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. With the whole family, you could also go and pick your own fruits and vegetables at Domaine de Caillan. Nature, the birds, the soothing peaceful atmosphere of the Moulin might put all your plans to the wayside and make you want to just stay put. Should you, however, want to move around, the region has a list of must-dos for you to enjoy! After strolling in the narrow streets of Pezenas with its numerous mansions, visit Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, a medieval town full of history and legends, known to be a spiritual stop for the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle pilgrims. A good hour away from Pézenas to the North West, Carcassonne and its’ amazing fortress are sure to impress you. Further to the East, discover Aigues Mortes in Camargue. Vin de Sable wine tasting, safari trips on tracks and pastures in a four-wheel-drive car observing birds, horses and herds of bulls … a whole panel of activities are available for you to explore in this wild and protected region. Finally, completely to the North, lovers of calm and nature will appreciate the Cirque de Navacelles, an immense natural site offering breathtaking view points. You can horse ride or do bicycle trekking, hike on a donkey, or visit goatherds …. If you are a wine lover, a stay in the Languedoc is the chance of discovering the wine route region. Amongst the many wineries, we particularly recommend Paul Mas in Montagnac, Saint-Jean de Bébian in Pézenas, Daumas Gassac in Aniane and Ormarine in Pinet. Wine lovers are usually food lovers also in which case why not try one of the gourmet top restaurants of the area? Some of the starred restaurants are: Matthieu de Lauzun in Pézenas, l’Auberge Aponem in Vailhan and Table Saint Crescent in Narbonne.

<p>Tout savoir sur le lieu</p>
  • Puis-je organiser une fête dans une maison Pierres d’Histoire ?
    • Non, les maisons Pierres d’Histoire ne sont pas des lieux habilités à l’organisation des soirées privées.
  • Y-a-t-il une chambre au rez-de-chaussée pour une personne moins valide ?
    • Oui, le Moulin de Pézenas possède une chambre au rez-de-chaussée, plus adaptée à des personnes moins valides ou en fauteuil roulant.
Everything to know on a Pierres d'Histoire reservation
  • How can I reserve?
    • You are interested in on of our houses? You can reserve directly on our website or by calling our number at 01 84 83 04 00. If you reserve directly through Pierres d'Histoire, we guarantee you the best price.
  • Is housekeping included?
    • It is possible for a daily housecleaning service if requested and if available for a fee of 25€/hour. If you stay longer than a week, at mid-stay the bathroom and kitchen will be cleaned with a change of your bedsheets. This is free of charge.
  • Is it possble to rent a single room?
    • Our houses have to be rented as a whole, except for Hôtel de Tingry and the suites of de Fleury.
  • Can I reserve for a single night?
    • You have to stay a minimum of two nights as the rent of our houses necessitates a high cost of upkeep in order to always maintain our high quality.
  • Does the price include half-board?
    • No, meals are not included in our service. Our kitchens are fully equiped enabling you to prepare your own meals. However, if you do not wish to prepare your meals, most of our houses have a local catering service selected especialy by us. Our caterers prepare the meals themself and work with local products.
  • Are animals allowed?
    • Yes, dogs are allowed in our houses for an extra fee of 20€ per dog.
  • At what time can I arrive and at what time do I have to leave the house?
    • The house is available as of 4:00 p.m. on the day of your arrival. Check-out is at 11:00 a.m. at the latest. On Sundays, Pierres d'Histoire gives you the opportunity to decide yourself your departure time (except for Hôtel de Tingry).
  • In case of a poblem during my stay, who should I contact?
    • There is no reception desk at the Pierres d'Histoire houses. For any problems or queries you can get in touch with the house manager whose contact number is given in the confirmation mail when you reserve.He/she can be reached by telephone should you encounter any problems and will answer any of your questions.
  • Can I cancel my reservation?
    • You can cancel directly your reservation on line or by calling us at 01 84 83 04 00. Cancellation is free upto 30 days before your date of arrival. Less than that there will be a cancellation fee (see General Conditions of Sale).
  • Can I change my reservation?
    • If you wish to change your reservation, please contact us at 01 84 83 04 00.
  • What means of payment do you offer?
    • Reservations are made on line with your credit card. Our site is of course fully secured. We do not accept any other kind of payment and you cannot pay on the premises.
  • Do I have to make a down-payment?
    • For all reservations we ask a down-payment. A direct debit pre-authorisation will be registered a few days before your arrival. The security deposit is upto the amount of the down-payment depending on the house, but will not be debited unless damage has been noted.
  • When will I be debited?
    • A 30 % down-payment will be debited when you reserve. The balance will be debited between the 2nd and 5th day before your arrival.
  • Am I insured/responsible if I break something in the house?
    • Should we note an important damage in the house or if the furniture is damaged by misuse or volontarily broken, all or part of the security deposit will be debited in the 30 days following your departure.
  • Do Pierres d'Histoire houses have baby beds and high chairs?
    • Yes, upon request we can provide a baby bed and a wooden high chair. Ask your house manager when you call . However, baby bed sheets are not provided.
  • Is there air-conditioning and heating in the houses?
    • The houses are heated (heaters and fireplaces or wood-burners) but not air-conditioned (except for Hôtel de Tingry).
  • Is there a television in the houses?
    • Yes, every house has a television as well as wifi access and speakers.
  • Is household linen provided?
    • Yes, we provide sheets and towels in all the houses.
  • Are the kitchens and bathrooms equipped according to modern standards?
    • Yes all the kitchens and bathrooms of our houses have been built and equipped according to modern standards and European rules.
  • Are the kitchens fully equipped?
    • Yes, every kitchen at Pierres d'Histoire has a stove, an oven and a refrigerator. They also have all the pots and pans and various utensils you might need.
  • Is there internet service in the Pierres d'Histoire houses?
    • Internet coverage varies. Some of our houses have excellent internet service whereas others because of their geographic location in the countryside are less well covered.
  • Is there wifi in the Pierres d'Histoire houses?
    • Yes all our houses have wifi.
  • Are the basic necessities such as toilet paper, soap, tea or coffee provided?
    • Yes, in every Pierres d'Histoire house you will find toilet paper as well as shampoo and liquid soap shower. In the kitchens, dishwasher soap, tea and coffee are provided.
  • Are Pierres d'Histoire houses accesible to a person with reduced mobility?
    • Our houses are not accessible to a person with reduced mobility because of the architecture that very ofen are old, the stairways are narrow, the doors are not large enough, etc….
  • Are Pierres d'Histoire houses child friendly?
    • Yes, most our our houses are child friendly. They have gardens for them to ran around in and explore. However, some of the houses might be less adapted for very young children because of their proximity to water such as a swmming pool or a river, or else there might be stairs. Pierres d'Histoire declines any/all responsibility in case of an accident. For more information on the amenities of a house, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Do we need to clean the house before departure?
    • The house will be cleaned after your departure, however we do ask that you leave the house the way you found it. Garbage cans need to be emptied and the dishwasher run.
  • Do we need a car during our stay?
    • Our houses are very often in the countryside, in places that are calm and peaceful. To get to these houses, to be able to discover the area or to be able to go grocery shopping we recommend that you have a car.
  • Is there a bed and breakfast rate?
    • No, breakfast is not included except for Hôtel de Tingry where it is. However, it is possible to order breakfast ahead of time, when you get in touch with the house manager.
  • When is the swimming pool open?
    • Our swimming pools are open between May and end of September depending on the weather.
  • Is the swimming pool heated?
    • The swimming pools of la Marcotte and la Clairière are heated, that of Tingry is not.
  • Is there a barbecue?
    • The houses with a barbecue are : La Marcotte la Clairière, the 3 houses of de Ravenoville as well as that of le Moulin de Pézenas.
  • Do you do long term rentals?
    • Yes we would be happy to welcome you for a long term rent subject to availability. Do not hesitate to call us so as to discuss the possibilities.
  • How do I get to the house that I have booked?
    • Prior to your arrival, you will receive a mail giving you all the necessary informations including the code for the key box of your house


In a hamlet set in the South of France, between Montpellier and Béziers, under the shade of 100 year old plane trees, sits Le Moulin de Pézenas. It is one of the last historical mills of the Hérault. It originates from the 12th century and it remained in use as late as 1918. It was completely renovated between 2014 and 2016, becoming a haven in the midst of an exceptionally well preserved countryside. When Pierres d’Histoire became the owner of the property, the mill had been severely damaged and had suffered some rather clumsy transformation work, most probably during the 20th century. Although not lived in for nearly 100 years, it had been kept dry fortunately, enabling the main structure to be saved. “The structure is composed of two massive flour mill towers, of an oblong shape, and with a downstream overhang, built in hardshell limestone. The construction covers several periods. The foundations are medieval (14th or 15th century). The west entrance is protected by four machicolation corbel arches. Other works and modifications took place very likely during 16th and 17th century. The date 1728 seen above the watering hole, could correspond to works of rehabilitation. At the start of the 19th century, the mill was used for irrigation, with turbines and pumps. The southside had been partly added on and elevated.” After much historical research, a decision was taken to inscribe the mill on the list of Monuments Historiques. This was easy, given the quality of the building – and thus guaranteed its permanence. The only modification that was allowed in the construction permit, was the opening of three French windows unto the terrace. These were done in the same stonework as the original mullion windows. Masons, carpenters, roofers, etc., between 5 to 10 people relayed for over a year and a half over this site, enabling this superb building to literally resurrect. The works commenced with the restoration of the roof; the main elements of the structure were kept and only slightly modified. Traces of corbel offsets on the walls were noted, enabling the restitution of the overhang of the magnificent “à l’italienne” roof. The terrace over the river was reconstructed by leaning it against the original foundations of the Moulin. As for the river bank, they were consolidated and the water circuit around the Moulin re-established. On a side note, workers found under the silt an 80 meter long quay made of black basalt stone. During the rise in the water level, access to the mill became particularly difficult and the installation of electricity constituted one of the major difficulties of the restoration. Under the imposing framework, dating back to the end of the 19th century, the interior of the 250 sq. meter mill has been converted into a big family home with the possibility of each floor being independent from each other. In the past, only the first floor was lived in, therefore the ground floor had to be changed in such a way as to remain coherent with the industrial past of this superb edifice. Very quickly, the decision was made to build “grand jour” windows painted in black so that it would not be “noticeable” from the façade side. Terra cotta tiles found under the roof were recovered from their original usage and placed on the floor. The first floor was easily converted, no façade change was necessary. The main difficulty was in the floor planning, as a lot of space was lost due to the triangular shape of the overhangs. In fact, in this fortified building, the towers have an upstream spur form so as to break the current. This style of medieval military architecture protected the installations against the strong currents of the river. Traditional materials were chosen in coherence with the history of the Moulin; the artisans used essentially whitewash and stone shell rock from the Gard, a sedimentary rock with visible shell fossils. As for the decoration, light and bright tones has been chosen. Linen and cotton materials for the linens evoke a tranquility and lightness of “vacation in the South”. As in every Pierres d’Histoire house, contemporary objects mingle with beautiful patina furniture. In honor of its viticultural past, the doors are the old doors of the wine cellars.

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